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The "Tosol-Synthesis" cooling chamber is manufactured by first-hand auto parts manufacturers, recommended for warranty and post warranty maintenance, fully compliant with ASTM, SAE standards.

Brake fluids

Tosol-Synthesis brake fluids are advanced production technologies and the latest developments. Experience and close cooperation with leading Russian automakers allow us to produce products that have been the benchmark in the brake fluid market in Russia and neighboring countries for more than twenty years.


Car chemistry and car care products are specially designed products that are designed to clean the body, wheels, windows, as well as the interior itself.

Autochemistry - medical preparations, for technical maintenance of transport means. To classify specific chemical reagents, used for car service, can be applied to interior and exterior machinery, body, transmission and engine, toplevoynoy system.

Corrosion protection against corrosion, as well as physical properties, auto chemicals in mastic, spatulas, reducers or rhinoceros, sealants for different segregation and clinging compounds.

For the exterior maintenance service, the machine is applied to the chemicals, identifying a group of special tools, which are commonly referred to as auto cosmetics, which refers to the all-wheel-drive transportable vehicle exterior.

Engine and transmission automobiles are utilized with the use of precision tools, applied to the specific parts of the carburettor, injector, cooling system, supply chain and oil recovery system.

Fibrous autochemistry works with the automobile and prevents the problem from reducing its operating time in the cold season.

Kulan Oil carries out a large-scale production of autochemistry in Russia in 1997 with Tosol Synthesis. the leader of the Russian company "ROSDOT", "Clean Mile", "Felix" with the Russian companies producing cooling, brake and stacking glasses. Also in 2016, Kulan Oil signed a contract with Autochemistry of Kazakhstani manufacturer "Bagashar Meken".