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Brake fluids

Brake fluids

Brake fluid is one of the most important operating fluids in a car, the quality of which determines the reliability of the brake system and safety. Its main function is the transfer of energy from the main brake to the wheel cylinders, which press the brake linings to the brake discs or drums. Brake fluids consist of a base (its share is 93–98%) and various additives, additives, sometimes dyes (the remaining 7–2%).

Tosol Synthesis Brake Fluids are advanced manufacturing technologies and the latest developments. Experience and close cooperation with leading Russian automakers allow us to produce products that have been the benchmark in the brake fluid market in Russia and neighboring countries for more than twenty years. We constantly optimize and improve the operating parameters of our products, the quality of which directly affects the safety of the car. Annually, more than 20 million car owners use Tosol-Synthesis brake fluids in their cars.

The quality of products manufactured by Tosol-Synthesis is controlled by one of the most respected experts in the field of quality management system certification - the German company TUV Rheinland Cert GmbH. The IATF 16949: 2016 quality management system certificate issued by Tosol-Synthesis confirms its reliability and guarantees high quality and product stability.

Tosol-Sintez company supplies its products to the conveyors of the largest automakers: AvtoVAZ, GM-AvtoVAZ, KAMAZ, MAZ, UAZ, PAZ, LADA-Izhevsk, KIA, GM-Uzbekistan, Asia - Auto and has BMW, MAN and Volkswagen approvals .