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Mobil for cars

ExxonMobil automotive engine oils, including automotive engine oils for passenger vehicles, synthetic oils such as Mobil 1, as well as semi-synthetic and mineral oils. Thanks to innovative technology, these engine oils, which have been approved by the manufacturers, provide high-quality engine lubrication.

Mobil for trucks

Mobil Delvac engine oils for heavy, medium and light duty trucks. We offer customers lubricants based on both synthetic and mineral oils, which contribute to long-term operation of the engine and extend the intervals between replacements.

Industrial oils Mobil

Hydraulic oils and fluids, industrial greases, oils for air compressors, oils for gas engines, oils for compressors of refrigeration units, oils for circulating systems, products for metalworking (coolant) and machine tools, products for the food industry, gearboxes oils, turbine oils, marine oils.

About lubricants

Kulan Oil is the only official distributor of ExxonMobil in Kazakhstan since 1997.

ExxonMobil is one of the leading manufacturers of lubricants due to the innovative production methods and the perfect conditions under which oils and lubricants are developed and produced.

Kulan Oil offers you the widest range of Mobil lubricants: hydraulic oils, agricultural machinery oils, industrial lubricants, gear oils, special coolants, compressor oils, gas engine oils, circulating oils, oils for the food industry, as well as automobile oils for all types of automotive machinery.

Our customers are enterprises in the energy, metallurgy, forestry, motor transport enterprises of the region, as well as service stations and car dealers from all over Kazakhstan.

You will always find any ExxonMobil product and you can get advice on the characteristics and application of all products, including the Mobil 1, Mobil Super, Mobil SHC, Mobil Ultra and Mobil Delvac oils.

This means that you can focus on your main job, entrusting us with care for your needs in the field of lubricants for automotive engines and industrial equipment.

Benefits of Kulan Oil

  • Availability of goods in 17 branches
  • Product Advice
  • Ongoing support
  • Oil monitoring
  • Mechanics training


Elite Club Awards

2012 - Gold Award, Mobil1 Program Implementation

2012 - Silver Award, Distributor Excellence

2012 - Excellence in Marketing Award

2011 - Silver Award, Distributor Excellence

2008 - Silver Award, Distributor Excellence

2006 - Gold Award, Distributor Excellence

2006 - Special Award Highest Synthetic Growth

2006 - Highest Volume Achievement

Circle of Excellence

2016 - Silver Award, Distributor Excellence Highly Commended

2015 - Gold Award, Circle of Excellence

2014 - Gold Award, Best Initiative

2014 - Bronze Award, Distributor Excellence

2014 - Silver Award, Mobil1 Program Implementation

2014 - Silver Award, Shared Value

2013 - Distributor Excellence Highly Commended